A Constructor of many Medical Personalities, H P Sir (Harsha Prasad) is a re-knowned faculty of Biology with more than 20 Yrs of experience  in many reputed institutes of North India & North Eastern India.

He has produced uncountable Medical,AIIMS,NISER,IISER & OUAT students. Some are Genetic Engineers,Agriculturist, Vet-doctors,& even Bio-faculties.

His native place is Odisha. By birth Odia , but fluent multilingually in many languages with flawless Ascents in Hindi, English & some more languages too.

He designed the Highly-Updated-Strategic Educational Institute-“Harsha’s Educare” (Main Branch in Berhampur) as his Dream Project for giving Unequivocal Training to Medical & Engg Aspirants.

Earlier named as Harsha’s Biology , the Institute got repute due to the Innovative styles of teaching, Exam-Conduct, Parent-Teacher-Relation, Transparency, Overcoming the Traditional-Teaching styles & problems due to the old styles, Course completion with a well-measured Microplan  & many other attributes. Due to Strategies laid , Parents-Guardians & many well wishers provoked the Management to start a full-fledge Institute with all subjects for Medical & Engg Entrance.

The Conclusion was “Harsha’s Educare” a complete hub for Medical & Engg Entrance aspirants.

Separate Admission for only Biology is also Accepted. Kindly Proceed with the contact no. +917327827271.

The Life Saving Science- "BIOLOGY- The Life Science"

Biology is a Science of Abysmal Depth , the more you go inside , the more deeper it becomes. You may be subject to Controversial contents also. But out of all the controversies, there must be only one truth. Knowing the truths is possible by logically analysing the Natural rules, or Hit & Trial experiments. Its upto you, which path you choose.

In spite of these hurdles, the crazy fellows(Our Medical Aspirants) they do not leave the Life Science alone, they continue intaking the informations as much as possible by their own innovative methods.

We train them in such a way that they can innovate such new methods. They should be able to answer natural upcoming questions by analysing the known facts & increase the score not only in the MBBS-entrance but also in the future PG-entrances.