Our Education System

     Our System

Our Chief Objective is to intensify the capability present within the students. Most Educational Organisations focus only on the teaching quality of faculty which is in turn monitored by his achievements & qualifications but “Harsha’s Educare” not only monitors the quality in the Teacher but also tries to extract from the Student what the teacher has taught every day. e.g If in Today’s class the teacher has taught about “Finding Capacitance or Potential difference” then Our Management keeps instant records & conducts “Assignment Accomplishing” or “Daily Test” based on the topic, so that the child understands the topic by Executing the techniques taught by the teacher.The Qns selected are partly by the teacher himself & partly from 2nd or 3rd Parties which is in turn a challenge for the teacher himself so as to check the skipping of any sample Qn or Topic.

So there is a lot to be done apart from the traditional teaching method. We take special care for each student considering his/her abilities & weaknesses.

We Speak Only What We Perform.........

Our excellency commitments

    1. 1. Full fledge clarification of concepts inside & outside the classes
    1. 2. Best possible classroom demonstration.
    1. 3. Best Note-Writing Technique handled by providing Hand-Outs, or Projection of Digital Notes as Slides on SmartBoard.
    1. 4. Best Possible NCERT based Materials & Assignments chapterwise.
    1. 5. Dedicated national level teachers 24hrs Proof-Guiding to hostel students.
    1. 6. Special Doubt clarification for Terrific Topics as per Requirement.
    1. 7. Everyday 3-subject Daily-Test with immediate key & Solution providing & doubt clarification
    1. 8. Animation & Special Photo /Slide show for better visualisation of the Phenomena or Mechanisms in the concerned topics designed by our “Animation & Design Team”
    1. 9. Minimum Traditional/Lagging methods followed so as to cope up with the Time Deficiency during the year.

Continuous Moral Inspirations & Boost up classes by the Director Himself to each Demoralised student individually.